The Winston Water Specialty Story

Choose Winston Water Specialty for a personalized, family-driven approach to plumbing solutions.

Welcome to Winston Water Specialty, where a legacy of plumbing expertise meets a family-driven commitment to excellence. Founded by industry veterans Smith Houston and Carlin Volkmer, our company is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the plumbing business.

Carlin Volkmer, boasting over 25 years of experience in the plumbing supply industry, began his professional journey at the age of 15, bagging flappers at a local plumbing store in Dallas. His extensive background spans every department, showcasing his unwavering dedication and passion for the specialty parts industry. Carlin’s vision is to infuse the small business mindset with a modern approach, addressing the need for accessible repair parts in the market.

Smith Houston, a seasoned professional, joined Winston Water Specialty as a partner in 2023, bringing eight years of valuable experience from Winston Water Cooler's central locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. Specializing in operations, Smith excels in optimizing sales, customer service, warehouse performance, and employee potential. His expertise played a pivotal role in the inception of Winston Water Specialty, where he applied operational skills to revolutionize the plumbing repair parts industry.

Think of us as an old-school mom and pop shop with a modern twist. We stock products from hundreds of manufacturers, including renowned names such as American Standard, Kohler, Price Pfister, Delta, Moen, Sloan, T&S Brass, and many more. Powered by one of the nation's largest wholesale plumbing suppliers, Winston Water Cooler, our industry experts have a vast network of partners across the country. If a particular part isn't in stock for your project, rest assured, we know where to find it for you as soon as possible.